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EZGarden Grafting Clip
EZGarden Grafting Clip
EZGarden Grafting Clip
EZGarden Grafting Clip
EZGarden Grafting Clip

EZGarden Grafting Clip

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The gardener's clips for professional plant grafting!

The use of grafting in horticulture is becoming one of the major hopes for achieving vigorous, more resistant, and better-adapted plants. Crops like watermelon, tomato, etc., use this technique with excellent results.

Each type of plant needs different growth conditions which makes it important to choose the appropriate clip.

With EZGarden Grafting Clip your gardening will be made easier and more effective!


    These grafting clips are ideal for securing vine flowers, tomatoes, peppers, and other heavy vegetables to garden stakes. These are continually attached to the training plant stem, plastic stakes, or twine trellis. 100% safe for a wide variety of plant-use.

    Manufactured by high-quality materials that are not excessively rigid. It allows gradual thickening and formation of the weld and eventually when clip can be removed, it can be reused for another grafting!

    Easy to use and non-slip! Fit for various kinds of plants and can be best used in moderate climates. Its sturdy plastic material allows easy on-hand use for gardeners and at the same time, securely clips together parent and graft plant!

    These grafting clips are like an extra pair of hands. Gardeners no longer need to worry about plants collapsing to the ground under their own weight or falling down during rough weather. Using this will save time and labor. You will have much more time to do other things you like.

Grab your own EZGarden Grafting Clip NOW!!!


  • Type: Roundhead/Flathead
  • Color: Red
  • Material: Plastic, metal
  • Size: 22mm x 30mm


  • 1 pack (includes 50pcs) Round Head EZGarden Grafting Clip OR

  • 1 pack (includes 50pcs) Flat Head EZGarden Grafting Clip OR

  • 2 packs (includes 100pcs) Round EZGarden Grafting Clip OR

  • 2 packs (includes 100pcs) Flat Head EZGarden Grafting Clip

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Daisy B.
I'm spoiled by these!

Usually you need 3 hands to tie up a tomato vine. One to hold it in place, and two to tie the tomato to the trellis. I do not have 3 hands. So, these make having 2 hands ok! I love them. I have about 50 tomato vines, so these clips make tying tomatoes to trellises such a relief! I also use them for my climbing roses and clematis. They make it so much easier! I won't go without them now.

Damon C.
Held up at least a whole season

I used these this past season to stake up all sorts of plants. They were left out from May to October or so in all manner of weather. By the time I took them down for the season, they were still plenty usable, and I'll be using them again next year. Not a single one broke. Sure, they rusted some, but that's to be expected -- they're still flexible and strong. I found myself using the smaller ones more, but the larger ones definitely came in handy as the season wore on. The small ones are pretty small, so be sure to check your plants and make sure they're not choking them as they get bigger.

Leigh B.
Very useful in tying up gaining plants

Perfect for clipping to vines, tomatoes & whatever else in your garden is going berserk. Like the 2 sizes. If 1 comes apart, easy to fix. So far none have broken & I've only used half. We tried sweet potatoes in Root & Vessel planters fitted with tomato cage & used the clips so the sprawling vines are not all over the garden floor. Same success with butternut & acorn squash. Highly recommended these clips.

Rick U.
They are working great now.

These clips are working great now , they are lite weight and I will know more after the growing season ends as to how well they hold up - as for now all is good and they are working well!....the price is great as is the service and delivery was fast, if they only make one season I will purchase again !!

Arlene W.
Works well

I really think these are a great asset for holding up my vegetable plants. The only thing I don't like it that they cannot be bought as just small size or just large size in a package. I found that I needed many more small and found little use for the large size.

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