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Premium Brake Caliper Tool Press
Premium Brake Caliper Tool Press
Premium Brake Caliper Tool Press
Premium Brake Caliper Tool Press
Premium Brake Caliper Tool Press
Premium Brake Caliper Tool Press
Premium Brake Caliper Tool Press

Premium Brake Caliper Tool Press

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No More Time And Money Wasted
This Tool Makes Changing Brakes Quick & Easy!

Struggling with your car brakes? Repair it quickly and easily with our Premium Brake Caliper Tool Press!

This Premium Brake Caliper Tool Press makes changing brakes 1000000000 times easier. No more C clamps bending or the swivel tips coming off! No more nearly breaking your wrist-twisting the no leverage twist on the C clamp or regular caliper spreader! On this spreader, the steel tool pads stay parallel so you can easily press back the single-piston, dual-piston or four-piston brake calipers with it. The pistons don't bind since they're being pushed straight back into the caliper bore. There's no real effort needed to move them back just place the tool in the caliper and ratchet the piston(s) out of the way.


  • It can be used on twin and quad piston fixed calipers, as well as single and twin-piston floating calipers.
  • Centrally located ratchet evenly spreads force in a parallel manner to prevent misalignment of pistons.
  • Ratchet technology gives a full 360-degree swing so that the spreader may be placed at any position.
  • The extended reversing lever allows for easy change from spreading to retracting
  • Made of high quality 45# steel material, high strength and durable for long time use.


  • BRAKE CALIPER PISTON TOOL. Use the ABN Ratcheting Brake Caliper Compressor Tool to compress pistons quickly and easily into the calipers; Disc brake pad spreader tool creates a larger space between the caliper cavity to make room for newer and thicker brake pads; Quad and dual-piston brake caliper tool comes pre-lubricated to protect against oxidation; It is suggested to lubricate between uses.
  • FITS YOUR VEHICLE. Disc brake caliper tool set includes 2 sets of piston plates that spread from 1-9/16 to 2-3/8 inches (2.5 to 5.1 cm) to allow plenty of room to install new brake pads; Use as a single-piston caliper tool, a dual-piston caliper tool, a quad piston caliper tool, and a rear brake caliper tool; This versatile caliper piston compressor tool is ideal for cars, trucks, and some commercial vehicles; Works on both fixed and floating calipers.
  • RATCHETING ACTION. Brake piston compression tool provides a 360-degree swing that allows you to keep the compression plates in place while you lever the handle back and forth to spread or retract the plates; Centrally located ratchet screw creates even force when compressing pistons to ensure proper alignment and to prevent damage to your brake components; Reverse tool movement to retract compression plates by flipping the switch on the handle.
  • EASILY RESET YOUR BRAKE CALIPERS AND PISTONS. Drain fluid from calipers using approved brake pressure relief procedure then remove the caliper and worn brake pads from your rotor assembly; Retract brake caliper press plates to fit inside the caliper cavity; Begin ratcheting slowly and steadily until the pistons have retracted completely; Retract compression plates to remove the disc brake piston tool from the caliper cavity.
  • BUILT TO LAST. Constructed of carbon steel, the ratcheting screw and pad plates are designed for maximum strength and durability; Thick 7.8-inch (19.8 cm) steel handle features plastic shell for comfort and efficiency; Brake piston spreader set includes (2) 4-5/8 by 2-3/8 inch (10.2 by 5.1 cm) plates and (2) 7 by 2-3/8 inch (17.8 by 5.1 cm) rotating plates; Larger plates are held in place with built-in magnets for easy attachment and removal.


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Size: 10.63 inches


  • 1 x Premium Brake Caliper Tool Press
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Ashton Y.

Damn , so easy to use.

So easy to use , stress free I can't believe it took me this long for a tool that can do the job without damaging the caliper pistons .

Bert E.

Easy to use

I now have a functioning, ratcheting caliper press that I couldn't be happier with. This tool works well and fits most calipers. My hands do not get fatigued from the constant squeezing or turning of other press tools, and the pistons retract straight every time.

Scott B.

Wonderful tool for brake jobs!

Where has this been all my life!? I don't know how or why I hadn't bought one of these before. I've spent nearly 20 years doing my own brake pad and rotor swaps and always used fingers or a c-clamp to push the pistons back in. This tool is so easy to use and so simply effective in its job that I feel like an idiot for not buying one 20 years ago.

Richard F.

Fantastic tool!

No more messing with a c-clamp and pieces of wood! Granted this is a more expensive option to the cheaper alternatives, this thing feels quality. Completely resets my dual piston calipers evenly, so no more having to bleed the air out for uneven pistons and guesswork. I would recommend that, with ANY tool that has threads and applies pressure, like a ball joint press or vise, put some thick automotive grease on the threads. It lubricates and adds a thin barrier against pressure wear on the threads, and extends the life of your tool significantly!

Ian V.

splendid device

I was a brake tech for a while at a local Meinekes and would get dual and quad piston calipers in a lot so i finally ponied up for this puppy and let me tell you something; this thing is tits. Never met a caliper it wouldn't fit in. And I love the rathetching device. Would and do highly recommend.

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